Winter Hiking at WoodWind

Come play at The Park for a couple days in December…with or without snow. There will be holiday porch photos, singing elves, bonfires burning, trails available to explore, play it forward merch to buy, and snacks to munch. For those interested, please reserve times for Chalet Tours. Click the button below to reserve your spot(s). Space is limited.

COVID Safety Expectations

Masks are required at the check-in booth and in the chalet. Masks are encouraged when sitting 6 feet in front of Santa for the porch photo, as well as any place people are gathering outside. (i.e. bonfire) If children write a letter to Santa and want to hand deliver it, letters will be placed in the Santatizer to keep Santa and his crew safe.


If you already signed a hiking waiver at the Hike and Seek in November, you DO NOT need to fill out a new one, but if you are hiking for the first time this month, please sign the waiver online prior to arrival.

Playing Fees

For everything we are trying to do this “soft event” winter, please know we appreciate your willingness to pay a small fee to play. It helps us to keep the lights on.

Any donations you contribute through playing fees goes toward your overall Play it Forward Giving Tree level. There are exclusive opportunities for these first events for the highest-level donors at Birch, Cottonwood, and Giant Sequoia levels. We will keep track of accumulating donations to appropriately honor everyone when we open. There will be a Giving Tree acknowledgment page on the website and a wall mural inside the chalet.

When Will We Play Next?

When we have enough snow and time to groom, we’ll open for tubing, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. We’ll update our dates and times of availability on the website and Facebook.

We look forward to welcoming you out to The Park to play!

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