Play it Forward

Join us in building The Park

What is Play it Forward?

We want to create a culture of investing in others' futures through Playing & Gathering.

To “play it forward” means to offer an intentional act of kindness by “playing”, or working, on behalf of someone else.  Our mission at WoodWind Park (WWP) is to stay focused on how we can play it forward. How can we make a difference? How can we support others in their struggles? How can we offer a light in what seems so dark all the time? And how can we do it with a smile? The quick and long answer is PLAY. We are driven by ideas and dreams to open up space for people to gather and play at WoodWind Park.

Why are we asking for community involvement?

The Park is simply a plot of land without people. We know people will ultimately help us build back this Park into what it is meant to be. We are keenly aware of our limits as a family to offer the full vision at warp speed, and we are also intently motivated by the power of people. If you live in and around the area here in Western Wisconsin and you are as hopeful as we are for a grand park to play and work: a place to bike, hike, trail run, cross-country ski, downhill ski, tube, snowboard, ice skate, retreat, listen to music at concerts, book a wedding, host a party, or sit by a bonfire, then you are already thinking Play-It-Forward sorts of thoughts.

Any support we receive goes
directly to The Park.

WoodWind Park will come to life, but how quickly it does will depend upon the people who help us build it.

We are honored and humbled by the responsibility we’re carrying for the revitalization of this important place. We cannot wait for the day we can confidently open our doors to this community and share it with all of you again. Until then we’ll be playing it forward every single day, and we do hope you’ll consider joining us in that effort.

You can continue to Play it Forward! 

ALL donations are directed back to The Park.

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