Play it Forward

We believe play can be a force for good!

Join us in using Play to Benefit Others

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What is Play it Forward?

Our mission at WoodWind Park (WWP) is to stay focused on how we can play it forward. To “play it forward” means to offer an intentional act of kindness by “playing”, or working, on behalf of someone else. Any effort offered is given without an expectation of being paid back.

All lives are enhanced by physical activity, but when it happens in a beautiful natural setting, and for the benefit of another, that is the essence of what it means to Play it Forward.

Why does Playing It Forward Matter?

We want what happens at The Park to provide support to people, groups, and organizations that are aligned with our #playitforwardwwp philosophy. What better way to provide community support than to play for it?

When do we Play it Forward?

On a regular basis, we open up WoodWind Park’s facilities and trails with the sole intention of playing it forward for a selected entity or organization. Sometimes they are organizations we choose and sometimes the organizations choose us. Each event and each organization are different, but the goal to #playitforwardwwp is always the same.


When you come out to The Park to play on dates designated as Play it Forward events, you become part of the movement. 100% of the proceeds, including all cash donations collected that day, go toward supporting the identified family, entity, or organization.


The Park is big. Ideas to Play it Forward are many. We’re looking for big hearts and many hands to build upon the generosity this community has already shown. In whatever ways you want to offer your time, your talent, or your treasure, we will gratefully accept it and multiply it for the good of others.

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