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So many people have asked how they can help to make the grand vision of WoodWind Park a reality. Now that we have concluded our year of discovery we have a much better idea how we can put people’s volunteering energy to good work. We appreciate your support!

If yes and you have a form that would need to be completed by the WWP staff, please provide that information to mfrank@woodwindpark.com

Summer 2022 Volunteer Positions

When we are open on weekends and for play it forward events, we would put you to work to tend the bonfires we have going around The Park.

Love yardwork? Want to keep your hands and feet busy moving someone else’s dirt? We have constant outside projects.

This person works in the ticket booth and helps to make sure people have signed waivers before heading out to play.

You are interested in helping out with a variety of tasks for Play it Forward events like the Nature Fest on May 22nd, the Car Show and Concert on June 4th and the Running Nuts 5Kish on June 19th.

🏠 Inside position

🌲 Outside position

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