Adding Dimension to The Park Chalet

The entryway to the WoodWind Park Chalet is the first “new” construction to be done in over thirty years.

The original flat-roofed warming house (to the left of the doors as you look at it from the hill) was erected in the early 1950s.

Ray and Marie Fritz coordinated the expansion of the building in the late 60s that included an adjacent two-story building set atop a spacious basement. The pitch of the original roof was then angled to match the addition.

The 1960s version of the building remained relatively unchanged until renovations began eighteen months ago.

Beginning in January of 2019, preparation for renovation meant clearing the Deepwood Chalet of outdated and degraded items. Some of the well-preserved materials and antiques have been set aside to be displayed when the full renovation is completed.

The first modifications to the building included replacing and enlarging the windows on the front of the building.

The east facing wall of the banquet room has also been overhauled with the installation of glass garage doors that will open up to the eventual deck.

Despite all the efforts that have been put into the building to this point, the bump-out entryway is the first part of the build that most dramatically changes the exterior blueprints of what has been here all along. A welcoming entrance to the WoodWind Park Chalet is an appropriate place to begin anew because we are so intent on building a place that feels warm and welcoming all year long.

With a project such as this, it is important to carefully unbury and preserve the history of what was and then set to work to enhance and improve the areas we’ll need to bring our visions for the future to life.

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